Visits are by appointment only please. Each session is a bespoke combination of the techniques listed below.

Signature Treatments are bookable online for new clients. Luxury Treatments may be booked for new clients upon request (via email). Advanced, Half IPL and Full IPL require prior Signature Treatment, Luxury Treatment, or In-Depth consult for assessment. Booking for IPL then may be made upon assessment in person with your therapist.

As always, gratuity is included in the price of every treatment.

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Half IPL


A quicker session with up to 25 “shots” of IPL for acne, hair reduction, and/or minor pigmentation and vascularity issues, or electrodessication for removal of up to 3 skin tags, small moles, pigment spots. Treatment also includes double cleanse, enzymatic or chemical exfoliation, hot towel steam and extractions, retinol and vitamin serums and facial massage. 30 to 60 minutes, downtime possible. With Adrienne. Bookable in person only, upon prior assessment.

Signature Treatment


A bespoke session comprised of our most popular cosmetic grade treatments. Includes a double cleanse, enzymatic or chemical exfoliation, hot towel steam, extractions, retinol and/or vitamin infusion, current based modalities, finishing with our signature sculpting massage and botanical masques. Visible results with little to no downtime. 60 minutes of treatment, with a 15 minute consult preceding. Suitable for new clients, and bookable online.

Advanced Treatment


A deeper version of our Signature Treatment, for pre-existing/conditioned clients. Session includes double cleanse, enzymatic or chemical exfoliation, hot towel steam, and extractions. Treatment may then include a 2.5% retinol infusion with microchanneling, 1% retinol infusion with microchanneling and current based modality, or enzyme masque. Treatment may run 90 to 120 minutes. Bookable in person only, upon prior assessment.

Luxury Treatment


The ultimate in customised treatment. May include an 30 minute consultation for new clients, in which a detailed analysis of your skin and existing conditions is performed and a full program of treatment is developed. Treatment may run 60 to 90 minutes, and may include any/every modality detailed below to best suit your unique needs. May include up to 50 shots of IPL. 90 to 120 minutes total, with Adrienne. Bookable in person upon prior assessment, or via email request.

Full IPL


A medical grade treatment…but with a luxury feel! This is a full face of IPL (up to 150 “shots”), tailored meticulously to treat acne, ageing, pigmentation and vascularity issues as well as permanent hair reduction…or electrodessication of up to 6 skin tags, moles or pigment spots. Treatment also includes a light peel, 1% retinol infusion, and/or botanical masque with full sculpting massage. Downtime to be expected, with profound results. 60 to 90 minutes, with Adrienne. Bookable in person only, upon prior assessment.

In-depth Consult


A more detailed consultation, for clients wanting assessment by Adrienne first.
Skin history, past treatment protocols, and current products are all discussed, with hands-on assessment and product testing performed. Options for treatment and homecare are recommended, and a full program developed which ensures consistent treatment with any therapist. 45 minutes, with Adrienne. Suitable for new clients, bookable online.


Holistic and medical methods used in combination in treatment.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

A low-impact alternative to laser skin treatment. Like a laser IPL utilises light to treat the skin: However IPL is superior in its versatility in that it may be used to correct several conditions simultaneously whilst leaving healthy surrounding skin undamaged. Targeting issues such as acne, UV pigmentation and lesions, vascularity issues (rosacea, “broken” capillaries) and hair reduction, a photofacial provides clear and lasting results with minimal discomfort and downtime.


An advanced transepidermal delivery system that creates thousands of tiny pathways into the epidermis, stimulating an increase in dermal activity. The channels are then simultaneously infused with high-grade active solutions which support healthy collagen and elastin production, improving skin’s tone, clarity and texture. Good for every skin condition, including textural scarring and fine lines. A safer, more effective, less painful alternative to microneedling…with little to no downtime.

Oxygen Masque

Deep oxygen therapy, suitable for all skin types and issues! The masque is a wholly unique skin healer, containing “transfer messenger” enzymes. The skin vasodilates, carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients up through its surface and creating a distinct vitality and vibrance. Simultaneously lymph is drained out, carrying toxins and cellular debris. Also, a passive muscle contraction tones and tightens the skin, visibly lifting it. A lasting “red carpet” treatment!


Chemical/Enzymatic Peels

Gentle yet thorough exfoliation for an immediate glow. Derived from natural sources these peels produce immediate results. Offering a custom collection of highly effective formulations, treatment may include a combination of lactic acid for dry and sensitive skin, glycolic acid for deeper skin remodeling, mandelic acid for pigmentation and inflammatory acne, and salicylic acid for hormonal acne. These peels are quick and painless and produce beautifully refreshed, clear skin with minimal to no downtime.

Skin Infusions

Promote repair and remodeling of the skin whilst restoring it’s radiance and resiliency. Flooding the dermis with nutrients and stimulating the skin’s own ability for rejuvenation, the infusions are custom mixed according to type in a liposomal serum base for maximum absorption. Retinol, amino acids, growth factors, potent vitamins and herbal medicines are custom blended and then “infused” into the skin with steam and massage, or microchanneling. The result is lasting changes at deepest level of the skin … naturally!



By PhiBrows, a manual “hand” method of permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows which creates extremely fine hair strokes… creating perfectly natural looking, full brows. In depth consult and eyebrow mapping included in your first 2.5 hour session, which is $600. Mandatory touch-up included between 6-8 weeks from initial appointment and is 60 minutes. Further touch-up sessions between 2 and 12 months of initial appointment are $300 as long as original strokes are still visible. With Allison. Bookable in person, or via email request.


Please be aware a fifty dollar fee will be charged for any “no-show” appointments and/or cancellations/changes made within twenty four hours of your appointment time.

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