Our Philosopy

“True beauty is the fulfillment one’s own unique potential. Whatever the issue may be trust we will find a solution to transform any obstacle…allowing you to be revealed as you are meant to be, at your most beautiful”.


Adrienne's Story

Reputed for her compassionate, creative, and results oriented approach, Adrienne Shostak is at the forefront of the newest skincare technologies and methods. Inspired by the ever evolving science of skincare, fitness and wellness Adrienne continually discovers and develops new solutions in the reversal of aging, acne, rosacea, scarring, and pigmentation.

Adrienne’s passion for the science of self transformation has its roots in her own debilitating issues with acne and scarring. Unable to find relief despite years of dedicated medical treatment, Adrienne began researching the skin and determined to find her own solutions. It is therefore from a client’s perspective that she developed her uniquely flexible and transparent “bespoke” approach, filling the gaps traditional skin treatments presented.

Having achieved success with her own skin issues, Adrienne then trained extensively in Aesthetics at the London School of Makeup and Beauty. Immediately thereafter she opened her London office in 2008, which was run with much acclaim through her return home to the US in 2014. Her continuing and dedicated education encompasses techniques from all over the world, drawing from cosmetic chemistry, massage therapy, aromatherapy, fitness and nutrition.

More then just a facial, her custom treatments fuse the beauty and relaxation of a spa facial, the science and technical precision of a dermatologist and the meticulous eye of an artist to empower the true beauty of her clients to shine through.

Lindsey, Senior Esthetician

Signature and Advanced Signature Facials

Allison, Senior Esthetician

Signature and Advanced Signature Facials, Microblading

Kayla, Senior Esthetician and Clinic Manager

Signature and Advanced Signature Facials

Jessica, Esthetician

Signature and Advanced Signature Facials

Jaime, Esthetician

Signature and Advanced Signature Facials

Vanessa, Esthetician/Office Coordinator
Vanessa, Esthetician/Office Coordinator

Signature and Advanced Signature Facials