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Radiesse and Liliya

I am quite thin…and my face shows it.  I have noticed “hollows” forming in my cheeks, causing my nasolabial lines (the long lines running running from nose to mouth on either side) to deepen as I age.

I have been debating trying one of the new longer lasting fillers on the market, such as Sculptra.  What makes this filler different it acts acts as a bio-stimulatory filler, meant to stimulate your own collagen.  It begins to form starting 2 weeks after injection, requiring typically 3 sessions, 2 vials each 4-6 weeks apart.  The result is very subtle, as it develops over time…and is very long lasting at about a year and half.

However after much internal debate I have opted for Radiesse.  Radiesse also stimulates collagen to form over time…but has immediate effects like traditional fillers.  Radiesse doesn’t last quite as long (a year), but there is less of a tendency for “lumping” of the product.  And when you are dealing with a filler that lasts so long, the very last thing you want is for something to go wrong.

Which is why I am SO glad I have met Liliya.  She is a lovely aesthetician, with just the right balance of professionalism and confidence.  Liliya just did my Radiesse for me and I literally couldn’t be happier.

She noticed a large amount of asymmetry in my jaw – one side is much larger than the other.  So in addition to treating the hollows in my cheeks she “built up” the weaker side…I can’t tell you what a relief it is to see it more even, and the difference it makes to my face!  Also the treatment was REALLY very painless.  She uses a cannula – which is like a long hollow needle – to pull the product through the face in lines, minimising injections.  This lessens the chance of bruising, as less injections are made.  In fact I don’t think I have a single bruise.

The result of the treatment is very subtle – I doubt anyone could put their finger on exactly what is different.  Which is exactly the way I want it!  But I can tell, and feel much better for it.  Then in a few months we will come back and do the treatment again – as less is more and any changes are best taken in stages.  Also, building the collagen like this will extend the results to that of Sculptra.

What’s really fantastic is that building my jaw like that makes my face look less thin…and is much more natural looking than just filling out the cheeks to do so.

Liliya can be contacted at thompsonliliya@gmail.com, or 02036510467, or 077 8033 4449.  She will be working from Wimpole Street.  If you go to see her please mention my recommendation!

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The “Deep” Dermaroller treatment

Being a long weekend, I just performed the very popular “deep” dermaroller treatment.

The deep treatment uses 1.5mm needles, and the face is first numbed with emla.  That being said I wasn’t looking forward to the treatment, and nearly didn’t do it.  Also, I had never done one to myself, and wasn’t even sure if I would be able to.  But…it really wasn’t very bad at all.

First of all, the emla REALLY numbs.  This is a lidocaine solution, and literally upon removing it I could not feel my face AT ALL.  I still can’t and I finished half an hour ago.

When I started rolling I didn’t feel a thing…but inevitably there comes a point at which the treatment starts to be felt.  It is a little annoying, but being used to doing the “light” treatment without emla I didn’t find it all that uncomfortable really.

My face is red. But not as bad as I expected!  Also, I had a few “blood points”, which means tiny little droplets of blood over the face…but nothing too gruesome, especially compared to past laser treatments.


Now we wait and see for the results…but I can say with certainty there will be more of these in the future, about four to six weeks apart.  Brilliant treatment.

Two days later:

My face is no longer very red…but it feels very dry.  This, I think, is because the epidermis was surely damaged in the rolling.  This is part of the purpose of the treatment, as it incites activity in the dermis to replace these damaged cells on the surface of the skin.  I plan to just leave it for another few days, and then do a nice strong peel to clear it all away.

One week later:

All has been resolved, face is back to normal, looking improved!  Will repeat in a few months time.

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Beauty and the Mind/Body Connection

Part One

I’ve been doing some extra yoga lately…and it has me thinking about our mind/body connection, and treatments.

Savasana is usually the last pose of a yoga session, which to the casual observer is just lying on one’s back with eyes closed.  And yet any yoga practitioner knows this pose is, in it’s own way, a real challenge.

Savasana is an opportunity to integrate the work done to the body in the day’s session.  “Yoga” means “union”, and it is a physical meditative process to unite the body and the mind.  Through yoga the mind influences the body, and the body the mind.  I remember hearing in a class in LA years ago that each pose was a metaphor, a physical expression of an intention, thought, or feeling.  Warrior pose is proud and strong of course, whereas a forward bend is introspective and yielding.  In this way we harmonise our mind, body, and breath.

Savasana is a pose, though it looks like nap time.  We close our eyes, and it the objective is to notice the changes we are instigating in the body through our practice.  I try to feel the different energies in the body, feel the sense of liveliness my muscles and cells now have.  I try to keep a fluid focus on this, and not start thinking about what I am going to eat after class or what emails I have to return.  Herein lies the challenge!  And yet is essential to close the session, to sum it all up and get the greatest benefit of all that work you’ve been sweating through.

Sometimes when we close our eyes to try to meditate our minds seem to fly wild.  But it is important we continue to focus on the sensations of our body, and the changes we are trying to create.  And during an aesthetics session is no exception.

If you work with me as a client you have certainly heard me compare the sessions we do to “working out”.  “Consistency is the key to change!” I say over and over, because this is a principle I have seen work in my own life.  There are no quick fixes, there are no miracle treatments.  Some treatments can seem a miracle…but without repetition and consistency these results will fade.  However if we have a goal and we just keep showing up, with a clear vision in your mind of what you want to achieve these changes will happen, if only by degrees.

Before I do each treatment we talk about your skin, how it feels now, what you might like to work on today.  This is because rather than work “on” you, I want to work “with” you.  I want you to check in with yourself, and set a goal you would like to achieve with the session.  Reduced spots, reduced wrinkles?  Collagen production?  It’s important that you tune into yourself and set an intention for the session, just like in yoga.

And then, when we do the session, your eyes are closed and you are on your back, as in Savasana.  My suggestion is to focus on what we want to achieve, and the steps we are taking to achieving it through the mechanism of the treatment, rather than “zoning out”.  Focus on the sensations of the treatment, and the science behind it.  Feel the changes taking place.  Notice these changes when the session is through.  Through repetition of these actions and intentions we can mold and change ourselves physically to be our best… and through this meditative process we will also experience psychological benefits, exactly as we do in yoga.


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On Beauty and Aging

“…Attractiveness is about being the best possible you at the age you are.  Rather than trying to look younger, accept and embrace your age.  The challenge is that it takes more dedication to look good as one ages.  It’s also about feeling positive and grateful to be able to live life to the fullest.  Beauty fades, but attractiveness, to me, is something every woman can obtain” – Bronwyn Cosgrave, former features editor of Vogue, author, and curator


We can’t turn back the clock.  But I believe that we dont need to be young to be beautiful.  We can’t stop time, but we can use it to shape ourselves into the best possible version of ourselves, today.

I made significant changes to my body in my 20’s through dancing ballet, and to my chronic acne through the treatments I currently perform and products I recommend.  “Consistency is the key to change” I used to tell myself, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…and it’s true.  We can be better today than we were yesterday if we just keep coming back and applying ourselves…the secret is vision and dedication.  Because of this kind of work on myself I feel more attractive now than I did in my 20’s, though I may not be as young.  It’s taken time for me to really understand and appreciate the way I look, and to make the best of myself.

Beauty to me is about making the most of what you’ve got.   As we age we stop trying to be what advertising etc tell us to be, as we know who we are, and what suits us.  We grow more comfortable in our own skin, and this is much more beautiful than trying to look like airbrushed ideals presented to instill us with insecurity in our appearance, so that we might buy the newest latest fad, feeling that beauty is “outside” us.

Some may think that the way we feel about how we look is superficial…I would challenge them to suffer from severe acne for a day.  The effects are obviously profound.  Not looking how you feel inside is a burden I understand, and work hard to relieve.  Conversely, when we feel confident about how we look we act more confident, and feel better.  And the very act of taking care of ourselves sends a message of self worth, which is beautiful.

The feeling of waking up in the morning with no makeup and being satisfied with what you see is a great feeling.  Being able to go to the beach and lie in the sun and not feel self conscious about your skin is another…  It’s about how you feel about yourself.  Do you feel like you on a “good” day or a “bad”?  The little things, like your skin, can mean so much.  What I suggest is let’s think ahead. Let’s use each day as an opportunity to challenge ourselves into a better state of being, creating a better version of ourselves tomorrow.  This is what today’s treatments are about.  We will not only look better, but feel better…and this is how to be beautiful, at any age.