Radiesse and Liliya

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Radiesse and Liliya

I am quite thin…and my face shows it.  I have noticed “hollows” forming in my cheeks, causing my nasolabial lines (the long lines running running from nose to mouth on either side) to deepen as I age.

I have been debating trying one of the new longer lasting fillers on the market, such as Sculptra.  What makes this filler different it acts acts as a bio-stimulatory filler, meant to stimulate your own collagen.  It begins to form starting 2 weeks after injection, requiring typically 3 sessions, 2 vials each 4-6 weeks apart.  The result is very subtle, as it develops over time…and is very long lasting at about a year and half.

However after much internal debate I have opted for Radiesse.  Radiesse also stimulates collagen to form over time…but has immediate effects like traditional fillers.  Radiesse doesn’t last quite as long (a year), but there is less of a tendency for “lumping” of the product.  And when you are dealing with a filler that lasts so long, the very last thing you want is for something to go wrong.

Which is why I am SO glad I have met Liliya.  She is a lovely aesthetician, with just the right balance of professionalism and confidence.  Liliya just did my Radiesse for me and I literally couldn’t be happier.

She noticed a large amount of asymmetry in my jaw – one side is much larger than the other.  So in addition to treating the hollows in my cheeks she “built up” the weaker side…I can’t tell you what a relief it is to see it more even, and the difference it makes to my face!  Also the treatment was REALLY very painless.  She uses a cannula – which is like a long hollow needle – to pull the product through the face in lines, minimising injections.  This lessens the chance of bruising, as less injections are made.  In fact I don’t think I have a single bruise.

The result of the treatment is very subtle – I doubt anyone could put their finger on exactly what is different.  Which is exactly the way I want it!  But I can tell, and feel much better for it.  Then in a few months we will come back and do the treatment again – as less is more and any changes are best taken in stages.  Also, building the collagen like this will extend the results to that of Sculptra.

What’s really fantastic is that building my jaw like that makes my face look less thin…and is much more natural looking than just filling out the cheeks to do so.

Liliya can be contacted at thompsonliliya@gmail.com, or 02036510467, or 077 8033 4449.  She will be working from Wimpole Street.  If you go to see her please mention my recommendation!