The “Deep” Dermaroller treatment

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The “Deep” Dermaroller treatment

Being a long weekend, I just performed the very popular “deep” dermaroller treatment.

The deep treatment uses 1.5mm needles, and the face is first numbed with emla.  That being said I wasn’t looking forward to the treatment, and nearly didn’t do it.  Also, I had never done one to myself, and wasn’t even sure if I would be able to.  But…it really wasn’t very bad at all.

First of all, the emla REALLY numbs.  This is a lidocaine solution, and literally upon removing it I could not feel my face AT ALL.  I still can’t and I finished half an hour ago.

When I started rolling I didn’t feel a thing…but inevitably there comes a point at which the treatment starts to be felt.  It is a little annoying, but being used to doing the “light” treatment without emla I didn’t find it all that uncomfortable really.

My face is red. But not as bad as I expected!  Also, I had a few “blood points”, which means tiny little droplets of blood over the face…but nothing too gruesome, especially compared to past laser treatments.


Now we wait and see for the results…but I can say with certainty there will be more of these in the future, about four to six weeks apart.  Brilliant treatment.

Two days later:

My face is no longer very red…but it feels very dry.  This, I think, is because the epidermis was surely damaged in the rolling.  This is part of the purpose of the treatment, as it incites activity in the dermis to replace these damaged cells on the surface of the skin.  I plan to just leave it for another few days, and then do a nice strong peel to clear it all away.

One week later:

All has been resolved, face is back to normal, looking improved!  Will repeat in a few months time.