Beauty and the Mind/Body Connection

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Beauty and the Mind/Body Connection

Part One

I’ve been doing some extra yoga lately…and it has me thinking about our mind/body connection, and treatments.

Savasana is usually the last pose of a yoga session, which to the casual observer is just lying on one’s back with eyes closed.  And yet any yoga practitioner knows this pose is, in it’s own way, a real challenge.

Savasana is an opportunity to integrate the work done to the body in the day’s session.  “Yoga” means “union”, and it is a physical meditative process to unite the body and the mind.  Through yoga the mind influences the body, and the body the mind.  I remember hearing in a class in LA years ago that each pose was a metaphor, a physical expression of an intention, thought, or feeling.  Warrior pose is proud and strong of course, whereas a forward bend is introspective and yielding.  In this way we harmonise our mind, body, and breath.

Savasana is a pose, though it looks like nap time.  We close our eyes, and it the objective is to notice the changes we are instigating in the body through our practice.  I try to feel the different energies in the body, feel the sense of liveliness my muscles and cells now have.  I try to keep a fluid focus on this, and not start thinking about what I am going to eat after class or what emails I have to return.  Herein lies the challenge!  And yet is essential to close the session, to sum it all up and get the greatest benefit of all that work you’ve been sweating through.

Sometimes when we close our eyes to try to meditate our minds seem to fly wild.  But it is important we continue to focus on the sensations of our body, and the changes we are trying to create.  And during an aesthetics session is no exception.

If you work with me as a client you have certainly heard me compare the sessions we do to “working out”.  “Consistency is the key to change!” I say over and over, because this is a principle I have seen work in my own life.  There are no quick fixes, there are no miracle treatments.  Some treatments can seem a miracle…but without repetition and consistency these results will fade.  However if we have a goal and we just keep showing up, with a clear vision in your mind of what you want to achieve these changes will happen, if only by degrees.

Before I do each treatment we talk about your skin, how it feels now, what you might like to work on today.  This is because rather than work “on” you, I want to work “with” you.  I want you to check in with yourself, and set a goal you would like to achieve with the session.  Reduced spots, reduced wrinkles?  Collagen production?  It’s important that you tune into yourself and set an intention for the session, just like in yoga.

And then, when we do the session, your eyes are closed and you are on your back, as in Savasana.  My suggestion is to focus on what we want to achieve, and the steps we are taking to achieving it through the mechanism of the treatment, rather than “zoning out”.  Focus on the sensations of the treatment, and the science behind it.  Feel the changes taking place.  Notice these changes when the session is through.  Through repetition of these actions and intentions we can mold and change ourselves physically to be our best… and through this meditative process we will also experience psychological benefits, exactly as we do in yoga.